Charles Sumner to Thomas Wentworth Higginson
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        Senate Chamber

            April 11th [1868]

    I have your note of

the 7th and am much obliged

to you for it.1

The newspapers are full of rumors

about Mr. Chase,2 but I cannot

think there is the least foundation

for them.  I have had too much

experience in these matters not to

know how almost universally false

such stories are, and I have known

Mr. Chase too long and well to

imagine that he has been governed

by any unworthy motives, in the course

he has taken.

I am pained to be obliged to differ

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from him so widely & to find that

he is, as it seems to me, so much

mistaken, but that he is going

to prove false to the principles

he has supported through life,

I do not for an instant believe.

                Faithfully yours

                Charles Sumner

Col. T. W. Higginson


            R. I.

Source:  New-York Historical Society.  Not to be copied, quoted, or used in any manner without written permission from the New-York Historical Society.

1. On March 31, 1868, after Chase expressed his right as presiding judge to rule on questions of evidence in the impeachment trial, Sumner proposed two motions protesting such right.  Both motions were defeated (Congressional Globe, 40th Cong., 2nd sess., supp. 59, 63).  Higginson wrote to thank Sumner for his recent opinion "The Chief Justice, Presiding in the Senate, Cannot Rule or Vote." Higginson to Sumner, April 7, 1868, Beverly Palmer, Papers of Charles Sumner, 41:476; Charles Sumner, Works, 16:98-133).

2. Higginson asked Sumner if he had heard the story that Chase had earlier consulted certain Democrats about the presidential nomination, and advised checking out the story. The New York Tribune (April 1, 1868) and the New York Evening Post (March 23, 1868) printed reports about Chase's possible candidacy in 1868.


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