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Historical Documents:  
Interview with Joseph B. Platt 
    Biographical sketch 
    Risks of nuclear energy  

Interviews with Athelstan Spilhaus 
    Biographical sketch 
    The first hydrogen tests 
    Experiments on humans 
    Conventional vs. nuclear warfare 

Interviews with Alfred B. Focke 
    Biographical sketch 
    The potential of science 
    Nuclear waste 
    Nuclear tests 

Atomic Energy in the Coming Era 
    President Truman's Report 

Atomics for the Millions 

Human Radiation Experiments 
   Testimony of George N. Ahmaogak 
   Testimony of James Nageak 
   Illustration of Technique- Radium Irradiation Clinic 
   Illustration of Technique on Child Patient - Radium Irradiation Clinic 
   Statement of Jonathan M. Weisgall 

Outside Links:  
Dept. of Energy - Human Radiation Experiments:  

U.S. Nuclear Accidents: 

A-Bomb WWW Museum: 

Hiroshima Project: 

Remembering Nagasaki: 

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