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Web page Linking to student pojects on the course entitled "Race and Racism" 
taught by Dr. Elazar Barkan at the Claremont Graduate University

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Amy Donnelly, "Romani Identity: a Study of Racism, Nationalism and Citizenship in Eastern Europe"
Since the late 1980s, the Roma of Eastern Europe have gained a political voice and international recognition from humanitarian organizations and western governments as victims of racism and racially motivated violence.  I analyze documents form NGOs representing Roma to see how their identity is being created and used.


Christine Frausto, "The Road to Freedom, Indiana Slave Laws"
The Roads family, as escaped slaves sought refuge in Indiana.  But they found that when their owner came to claim them in Indiana, the law was on the side of the slaver.  This is the story of the struggles of not only the Roads family, but the entire African American population of the area, against an enviornment of discrimination and prejudice.


Maya Hernandez
Leimert Park Village is a historical residential and commerical area that today is home to a predominantly African-American and growing Chicano/Latino population base.  It was one of the first planned communities in Los Angeles, planned by Olmsted adn Olmsted, architects of Central Park in New York City.  It is nestled in the Crenshaw corridor of Suth Central Los Angeles and is centrally loacted within 6 miles from perhaps more well-known LA residential and business areas such as Century City, Mid-Wilshire district, and the LA International Airport.  For most, including LA natives, Leimert Park Village's existence and recent cultural and business revitalization efforts in the past few years is an unknown phenomenon.

Tillman Nechtman, "Imagining India: English Imperial Art in the Eighteenth Century"
A study of a small sample of British historical paintings from the eighteenth century wohcih are based upon the theme of imperial India.  The cite investigates the ways in which Europeanart theory of the day, historical realities, popular perceptions, and ideas of the race informed these paintings.  As well, the page offers links to other cites which deal with the history of India nad the broader history of English and Indian art forms.

Brian Tann
A study of the descriptions of the Irish in America as a seperate race that reveals the complexity and confusion over ideas of race in 19th century America.  The cite displays the changing components of race and the conflict between ideas of nuture and nature.
Amahl Thomas, "Students and 'Race:' an Investigative Look at How California High School Students Interpret 'Race'"
It is my intention to explore why the idea of "race" is still prevalent in the discourse of today's students, particulary at Montclair High School, in Montclair California.  Through this investigation, I hope to expose how notions of "race" still shape social relations on a high school campus.   To be more clear, how hegemony structures student's understanding of self and other.  This research will illustrate how, in an era of political correctness and supposed cultural awareness, the use of "race" by today's youth within a high school environment, not only reflects, but also pertuates a racist society.  It is my hope that this study will expose some of the shortcomings of the public school structure and offer some possible solutions.