Twentieth Century Slides (page 1)
Andrew Aisenberg
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Joan Miro
(Spain, 1893-1983)
The Hunter (Catalan Landscape), 1923-24

George de Chirico
The Conquest of the Philosopher, 1914

de Chirico
The Song of Love, 1914

Rene-Francois Magritte
(France, 1898-1967)
The Interpretation of Dreams, 1930

The Reckless Sleeper, 1930

Fernand Leger
(France, 1881-1955)
Verdun: The Trench Diggers, 1916

The City, 1919-1920

Marc Chagall
(France, 1887-1986)
Calvary, 1912

Marcel Duchamp
(France, 1887-1968)
The Bride Stripped bare by Her Bachlors, Even, 1915-23

Nude Desending the Stair Case, 1912

Yves Tangy
(France, 1900-55)
Mama, Papa is Wounded!, 1927

Jean Arp
Collage Arranged According to the order of Chance, 1916-17
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